Our menus are created by choosing only the finest quality local ingredients and products. This way we offer our guests uniquely flavored fresh dishes, like the story they tell. The Duca di Orvieto also offers Special Menus on demand and Group Menus.


“Baffo,” cured seasoned cheek of pork with two types of creamed balsamic vinegar
(Hybiscus and Modena) on a bed of lettuce with fried bread

Varied selection of Traditional Umbrian “Bruschette”

Mixed Platter of local Cold Cuts and Ham (D.O.P*) and a selection of typical Bruschette

“Bruschetta” with tomatoes, courgettes and salted ricotta

Platter with selection of Home made Sheep milk Cheeses. (Our own production)

Large platter with a selection of Cold Cuts and Hams (D.O.P*)

Duca’s Hors D’oeuvre large platter of Cold Cuts, Bruschette and Quiches

* D.O.P Denomination of Protected Origin, Cinta Senese pork

First Courses

Umbrichelle* with Porcini mushrooms

Fettuccine or Umbrichelle* with Grappa and Gorgonzola

Fettuccine or Umbrichelle* with typical rich Orvieto ragout ( 3 different types of meat)

Fettuccine or Umbrichelle* with Truffles

Fettuccine or Umbrichelle* with Wild Boar ragout

Umbrichelle* in creamed Red Wine sauce with grated Salted Ricotta cheese
(this is an historical recipe that takes 3 days of preparation as the wine is left to boil for at least ten hours till it becomes dense and only then it is used to make the pasta and the sauce)

Ravioli pasta with cocoa and orange

“Carbonara” with Black Truffle

*Umbrichelle is a typical local type of home made pasta that resembles large hand rolled spaghetti

Second Courses

Sweet and Sour Chicken (16th Century recipe) with Lemon and Chestnut Honey

“Peposo” braised Beef (16th Century recipe)
Slow cooked with pears only and served with thin slices of fresh pear on top
(this dish was the special reward that the builders of the Duomo of Orvieto would be given on a Sunday if they managed to complete the work assigned to them by the Master during the previous week)

Braised Wild Boar cooked in Red Wine and Juniper Berries
(no tomato is used as America had not yet been discovered at the time of this recipe)

Lean Tender Pork cooked in Cream of Red Wine

Spiced Beef with 30 different aromatic herbs served with Porcini mushrooms
(recipe taken from a 16th century wedding banquet of a noble Orvieto family, the beef is very finely shredded with a knife and kneaded with the herbs, it is then shaped and cooked in the oven, sliced for serving).

Pigeon “Alla Leccarda”, ancient Orvieto recipe

Side Dishes

Seasonal Vegetables


Choice of Homemade Desserts of the Day