Cooking School in Orvieto

Individual or group cooking lessons with final tasting of the prepared dishes

Updates for foreign chefs

Cooking classes

Food-wine pairing classes

Classes taught by Adler Bonavera, Chef Patronne and Sommelier, specialized in historic cuisine and local traditions

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Adler Bonavera – Chef Patronne and Sommelier

Orvietana by adoption; fundamental aspect of her philosophy is a twenty-year research to discover the cooking tradition of the Orvieto area. Always investigating between the Orvieto historic archive and many farms, Adler exchanges and increases her knowledge with many women of our healthy food tradition.

“I always look for our grandmothers’ recipes, so I can try to track back their origins. I feed the historic memory of the details and their following modifications in different ages. I tell pieces of history about this land, letting people experience the food emotions as faithfully as possible. I believe the past is incredibly full of emotions that we have never experienced and is only waiting to be discovered and not reinterpreted”.

Cooking Program

Appetizers: how to prepare Umbrian paté, rustic torts and more
Fresh Pasta: making an egg pasta dough for fettuccine, lasagna and pappardelle
Typical Water Pasta: umbrichelli and picchi
Bread: various techniques to make dough for bread, pizza and other basis
Basic Sauces: game, vegetables or classic sauces of country and refined cuisine
Soups: traditional local soups, with farro, “etrusco” style, Umbrian “ribollita”, beans with pork rinds and more
Game: preparation, pickle and game meat cooking process
Poultry and Beef: techniques of meat cutting, stuffing, preparation applied to Renaissance historic recipes
Vegetables: from “tempura” to “Renaissance mustards” to pair with aged sheep cheese
Desserts: how to prepare hand-made gelato and the most particular Umbrian cakes
Jams and Mustards
Distillates, Spirits and Digestive Drinks


Updates for foreign chefs, stages for chefs or historic cuisine specialization courses are to be agreed with the teacher.

Food and wine pairings classes are to be agreed with the teacher both for the number of lesson and for the level of preparation.