Our historic cuisine comes from a patient research for Orvieto recipes, also coming from the surrounding villages. These old and slow recipes were destined to disappear because of our new fast society, that is why Il Duca di Orvieto has been trying to preserve them until today.

Thanks to the several women that have spent their lives cooking, today we are able to put our culture in a plate and keep our tradition alive. There used to be a strong relation between the various stages of the religious, the agricultural and personal calendar, but the main ingredients have always been patience, creativity, the soil and most of all “a lot of time that would not cost anything!”.

We chose to highlight “country cuisine”, but we also propose noble and middle class traditional recipes, even though in our religion there have never been a large gap between “rich” and “poor” cuisines. We thank the families in Orvieto, Torre San Severo, Allerona and San Venanzo that allowed us to make their best dishes.

Our menu can slightly vary according to the seasons and the products availability; for this reason our guests can be sure to always find fresh products and ingredients. Our bread and pasta are always “home made” because we have a lot of time to cook, too!!!

Adler - Chef Patronne & Sommelier