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Passion, experience and patient research, to put “our culture in a plate”

   Adler – Chef Patronne

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Historical Cuisine

Our cuisine comes from a patient research for Orvieto recipes, also coming from the surrounding villages. These old and slow recipes were destined to disappear because of our new fast society, that is why Il Duca di Orvieto has been trying to preserve them until today. Thanks to the several women that have spent their lives cooking, today we are able to put “our culture in a plate” and keep our tradition alive.

ristorante cucina storica orvieto

Orvieto historical center

The Duca di Orvieto is in the center of Orvieto, close to the main squares and attractions of the city like the Duomo, Pozzo di San Patrizio and Palazzo del Popolo.


Group Menus

For many years Il Duca di Orvieto has been the sole restaurant in Orvieto who specializes in historic traditional cuisine based on ancient local recipes. we offer also for groups unforgettable service, with our staff dressed in medieval costumes. The restaurant is 500 metres far the tourist bus parking lot.


Cooking School

Individual or group cooking lessons with final tasting of the prepared dishes. Classes taught by Adler Bonavera, Chef Patronne and Sommelier, specialized in historic cuisine and local traditions

Restaurant Hours

  • All days: 12.30am / 2.30pm – 7.30pm / 10.00pm
  • Domenica: 12.30am / 2.30pm
  • Closed on Wednesday

Ristorante Il Duca di Orvieto

Via della Pace 5 – Orvieto (TR)
Tel. (+39) 0763.344663
Mobile: (+39) 347.6285663